Meet our Featured Performer...

Although she just joined our team in February of 2020, Madalyn is already known as an incredibly talented performer! Her voice is guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

Madalyn concluded her schooling at Niagara County Community College in Liberal Arts and Theatre and will be continuing her academic career at Niagara University for Social Work. Madalyn has years of vocal, acting and instrumental training and spreads her love for music through offering vocal and piano lessons to children. Madalyn also works as a Musical Director for her family's Children's Theatre company,

Teal's Niagara Theatre.

Madalyn has aspirations of performing on Broadway (and she is very close to doing just that, as she auditioned and attended Call-Backs in NYC earlier this year!)

We can't wait for your child and guests to experience an unforgettable Emmalee's Memories party with Madalyn!!  

 Hobbies: Teach Vocal and Piano Lessons, take acting lessons with Taylor Louderman & Perform as much as possible!

Favorite Character: Mermaid Princess

Favorite Color: Teal

Fun Fact: Madalyn founded the ruby slipper project, a female empowerment program for young women! 

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